Further Details

Please understand that you make the decisions about how much information you want to give about yourself.  The more you are prepared to share the more helpful this is in developing the Forum as a Connecting organisation.  Remember that your details can only be seen by other members who have passed the same validation process as yourself.  Only members have access to the web platform and its applications beyond the 'Home Page' and the 'About Us' sections.  For your guidance:

  • Complete your full Business address.  Without this you will not have an Address Book entry.  It would be desirable also to have your Business web address.


  • Determine your Privacy level.  If possible, please tick All My details.  This allows all fellow members to access your Address Book entry but you still determine what details you want to publish in that entry.


  • Making an entry in the Other Details section within the box  labelled Personal Information is an opportunity to give a personal profile of yourself and your business career


If you need further guidance please email info@nwcbf.org

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