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Membership allows you fellowship with other Business Christians and access, through our web platform and its many applications, to an ever growing range of Kingdom opportunities, teachings and support relationships.


There is no charge for membership this year.  As the Forum develops in the next few months we will consider how best to create income streams to cover costs.


Applying for membership assumes that you:

  • Commit to the vision and values of the Forum.
  • Commit to personal growth as a Business Christian.
  • Commit to engage and influence within your own community.

Before you apply please read the Values statement below.  It is important that you are able to agree to these as you will be asked for your confirmation of doing so as part of the registration process.

We value:

And affirm the Evangelical Alliance's Basis of Faith Statement - for detail click on link 
Our relationship with Jesus Christ as Supreme governor, Lord of all, and intimate friend. He is the source of life and truth, and the giver of authentic wisdom for life
Knowing Jesus as The Word of God - hearing from Him – through written Word, prompting of the Holy Spirit, Divinely ordered circumstances, and supernatural events.
God’s order for society based on the family - the human family, and the family of the Church, His Household. The family is the basis for moral life, and sets the example for collective community. We therefore also value the gathering of people, as well as a balanced life of family, work and rest.
God's order for economic growth - businesses creating wealth for the nation, in doing so providing needed goods and services for the community and gainful employment for all, at  fair market prices and wages.
Variety – of tastes and style as expressions of the breadth of the Kingdom; variety of opinions as helpful to seeking the truth. Argument and discussion is healthy in the pursuit of truth.
Connecting people. Unity of purpose is powerful, effective and attracts God’s favour.
Purity of behaviour, intentions and relationships. Christian ethics is far deeper than ‘keeping the rules’ – but we are led by the Spirit of God.

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